Our Ideas


Custom framing influences how artwork and heirlooms are experienced. With a selection of over 3500 samples, we strive to find the framing combination that best compliments your artwork while creating an environment that is conducive to its preservation. New and returning clients are invited to a free consultation with one of our picture framing specialists where each project is assessed individually. During a consultation, we will discuss the framing options and conservation materials best suited for your artwork. We work collaboratively with our clients to determine a framing combination that will leave a lasting impression on viewers as well as within the space it occupies.

Our approach to framing is both constructive and inventive; we set no limits with our ideas. Beyond 2-dimensional artwork, we have solutions for framing various objects including, but not limited to: garments, jewelry, medals, masks, and heirlooms. We also specialize in transforming large collections of photographs into framed collages that often commemorate special, sentimental moments. We’ve created designs for public and private collections and for many businesses and companies located throughout Toronto. We are proud recipients of the "Diamond" Readers' Choice Award for Best Picture Framing in Bloor West Village for two consecutive years and continue to thank our clients for their business and support.